St. Thomas’ and St. Paul’s Ministry Fund

At St. Thomas’ and St. Paul’s Annual Vestry meeting on February 22, 2015 a motion was passed expanding the mandate of the present Lay Ministry fund to allow “for support of any person, group or organization in the Quinte area who is training for and/or supplying practical help to those in need.” The motion placed responsibility for reviewing applications, distributing funds and being “proactive in discerning and approaching suitable recipients” with Parish Council.



To promote:

  1. Learning, growth and spiritual leadership, and/or
  2. Development of projects responding to needs in the local community, in Canada and in the World.


Funds are available to all people in the Quinte area.


All related costs will be considered, e.g. tuition, registration fees, travel expenses, and project costs etc.


The fund is not intended to provide funding for an entire project. The expectation would be for applicants to provide some of their own equity, whether personal and/or financial.


Source of Funding

Funds are acquired through three sources:

  • Designated funds;
  • 50% of donations received from the Memorial Fund;
  • Annual interest from the investment.



Applications will be available at the Church office and website ( The application identifies required information for applying and reporting.


Project proposals will be evaluated by Parish Council members.


Once approved, timelines will be identified for updates and completion.  Timelines will be decided prior to final approval and will be determined by Parish Council. This will be signed off by members of Parish Council and the applicant(s) prior to funds being provided.


Once completed, a final report, including financial statement, in writing will be presented to Parish Council.  All unused funds will be reimbursed and returned to the Fund.





Promotion is key to maximizing the use of this fund. Parish Council is to take a pro-active role in discerning and approaching suitable recipients. Funds and on-going projects will be promoted in the Cornerstone, during announcements and in the Bulletin.


Care needs to be taken to ensure there is no conflict of interest or perception of a conflict of interest in the marketing of the fund.



Examples for use of funds

These examples are suggestions only to provide potential participants ideas:

  • Workshop or study  day(s);
  •  Participation in advocacy groups;
  •  Feeding people:              –  teaching people to shop and cook

                                                            – providing meals

                                                              – community  gardens  – with gardening instruction;

  • Clothing people….


Download the application form from the below link.