St.Thomas’ has a variety of groups! Please contact us to get involved.

Stitchers and Knitters Group

Join us every Tuesday from 9-11:30 for our vibrant Stitchers and Knitters Group at St Thomas’  This talented and creative community gathers to craft beautiful quilts, prayer shawls, knitting, projects and crafts for Christmas bazaars. In addition to their incredible creations, they also enjoy a delightful coffee time, fostering warm connections and conversations.

Embrace your passion for stitching and knitting while building friendships with fellow artisans. Discover the joy of creating and connecting at St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Belleville – a haven for expression and fellowship within the Anglican Church.

Church and Community Gardens

St Thomas Book Club
St Thomas Book Club

Join us at St Thomas’ Book Club, a haven for bibliophiles within the Anglican Church. Immerse yourself in the joy of reading and lively discussions with fellow book lovers. Connect with others who share your passion for literature and engage in meaningful conversations centered around thought-provoking books. Expand your horizons, broaden your knowledge, and nurture your love for reading.

Email: Bernadette