Getting Married at St. Thomas’


Marriage is a Sacrament of the reflection of God’s love in another human being.

The desire to marry is a sign that each partner has been touched by another in an extra special way.  They have opened their hearts to one another and finally found the courage in their love to want to offer and to receive total commitment for life.  There is a risk here for they are offering their whole life to another human being in complete trust.  But love, the kind of authentic love which reflects the love of God does just that; it is willing to give everything, even life itself for the beloved.

You and your partner have chosen to take a new, lifelong journey together.  We feel excited and privileged that you are considering sharing this next stage with the living God, through our church community.  Please feel free to download our Wedding Pamphlet below.

Wedding Brochure

Downloadable Files

If you would like more information about getting married at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.