At St. Thomas’ there is a focus on the celebration of the Sacraments.  If you are interested in the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage there is a time of preparation involved.  Please contact the Church office so that your interest may be relayed to the Parish Priest or the Christian Education Coordinator.         

Baptism is the Sacrament of entry into Jesus’ way of life and the solidarity of forgiving relationships.  Baptism has been an integral part of the Church from ancient times.  Jesus was baptized by John in the river Jordan and we remember this each time we participate in a Baptism.  By choosing Baptism you are choosing to be part of God’s visible, tangible symbol in the world.  Baptism is the beginning of a life of faith.

All Baptized Christians share in the royal priesthood of Christ, all are called to offer the sacrifice of thanks and praise, to intercede for others in prayer, to live lives of service and proclaim the Gospel.

 Baptism is a sign or symbol, the sign instituted by Jesus to unite us with his own Baptism.  Baptism is a sign of salvation because it is the Sacrament introduced by Jesus to make us part of his body, the Church.

 We welcome all who wish to explore more fully the meaning of this Sacrament in their own lives or the lives of their children.

If you are interested in exploring this next step in your own faith, or perhaps your child’s, please contact us by using this link.

A complete application form can be downloaded from the bottom of this page

Baptism application

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