Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Team Mandate

Mission Statement

To minister to all parishioners needing support because of illness, inability to attend church services, inability to participate in other church activities, and deaths of people close to them. To support newcomers so that they feel comfortable in their new church family.


  1. Awareness of parishioners who need pastoral care with regular visits being made to them by a member of the Pastoral Care Team, either in their own homes, retirement homes or nursing homes.
  2. Visitation of parishioners who are hospitalized with appropriate follow up after discharge from hospital.
  3. Prayer support – a group of parishioners, some of whom are unable to attend church, receive the Sunday bulletin weekly in order to include those listed on the prayer list in the bulletin in their prayers.
  4. Distribution of the Pastoral Care Visitor pamphlet by the visitors to their parishioners and to hospital patients as appropriate.
  5. Co-ordination of the Annual Spring Eucharist and Tea for parishioners 80 years and older.
  6. Sending birthday cards to parishioners 80 years of age and older plus to those living in retirement and nursing homes regardless of age.
  7. Sending Christmas cards to parishioners 80 years of age, those living in retirement and nursing homes regardless of age, plus others unable to attend church services or participate in church activities..
  8. Knitting ministry – prayer shawls and prayer shawl squares are knit for those facing challenges in their lives. Numerous items such as sweaters, pneumonia prevention vests for babies and toddlers, comfort dolls etc. are sent to Africa. Items to sell at the annual Christmas market are knit.
  9. Newcomers – Name tags are provided for all newcomers. Team members help to make newcomers feel welcome and encourage them to be an active part of our church family.
  10. Funeral lunches are facilitated by a team of volunteer parishioners headed by a coordinator. The coordinator follows guidelines regarding costing of the lunch and charging the family.
























Frequency of Meetings

Two or three times yearly in October/November, February/March and June.

Pastoral Care Team Members

Interested parishioners with additions to membership as need and interest occurs.


  1. Minutes are kept and distributed to committee members but not posted because of the confidential nature.
  2. Monthly reports to Parish Council by the Coordinator as indicated.
  3. Report to be included in the Annual Report for the Annual Vestry Meeting in February.
  4. Ongoing communication between the Rector, the church Administrative Assistant and the Pastoral Care Team Coordinator about Pastoral Care concerns regarding the parishioners.

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Revised February 2023

Approved March 14, 2023 by Parish Council