(complete minutes will be posted in the Parish Hall )




  • ​A proposal to plant and maintain a number of fruit bearing trees on church property was brought forward by Bill Thomlinson on behalf of PWRDF committee members and was given the go-ahead to proceed. The purpose of this project is to not only beautify our property but to provide support for local community members at risk of food insecurity. Further information on this project and how one can participate will be made available to the congregation by Bill over the next few weeks.


  • Changes are moving ahead with a refreshment of our website under the direction of our new webmaster, Shwetha Jayathirtha. The switchover to a new server will take place over the next few months. Keep an eye on stthomasbelleville.ca to see what’s happening.



  • Treasurer’s report. As we move into the fourth quarter, we look to be on track with the forecasted budget. PAG’s have increased slightly. A new option of using e-transfers to accept one-time donations will be set up soon on a test basis.


  • Seasonal repairs to driveway potholes will be made as soon as possible.



  • A decision has been made to proceed with the installation of new electronic signage. Discussion around this proposal started years ago and it is only due to some generous donations that we can proceed. It is expected that installation will take place towards by the end of June.