(complete minutes will be posted in the Parish Hall )




​David Smith brought forward a proposal to Parish Council recommending the creation of a memorial garden to be located on the NE corner of the property. This low maintenance, peaceful rest area would be established as funds become available from private donors and would serve the needs of parish families seeking a contemplative moment or two in quiet surroundings. This proposal was given support to proceed by council.

David has been heading up a task force for almost five years focused on investigating and  researching the reestablishment of the grave yard at St Thomas'. As a result, it is now apparent that this is no longer a viable option due to significant financial and administrative hurtles.


Update on Window Blinds in the Parish Hall:

A portion of the grant from the Parrott Foundation was allocated for the purchase and installation of blinds in the Parish Hall and the wardens have signed a contract to complete this project. The blinds are commercial quality, flame-retardant and equipped with metal, child-safe pull chains. The granite colour complements the aluminum window frames and the exposed stonework in the hall.Hopefully they will be installed before the end of June. 

It is anticipated that these blinds will serve to improve comfort levels in the hall, reduce heating and cooling costs when closed and provide for more flexible lighting levels for various user groups.