Kitchen Manager


KITCHEN MANAGER – Volunteer position description


Volunteer/s who works in partnership with the Wardens and Parish Council of St. Thomas’ to implement and carry out all aspects for the successful operation of the kitchen.

Responsibilities include:

o   Collaborate with the Administrative Assistant to oversee access and use of the kitchen facility and to provide appropriate training for all users.

o   Carryout food safety and kitchen sanitation requirements according to Provincial Health Regulations. Any necessary education will be provided.

o   Point of contact for Health and Food inspectors.

o   Monitor kitchen operation and maintenance.

o   Ensure equipment, assets and supplies are available and maintained to safe standards.

o   Create forms and asset records with administrative staff.

o   Work towards developing a trained kitchen “team” with specific duties so that the Kitchen Manager position does not become prohibitively time-consuming. 

Duties include:

o   Providing  access to kitchen.

o   Training all users as identified by Administrative  Assistant.

o   Implementing food safety requirements according to Provincial Health Regulations and good practices.

o   Implementing kitchen sanitation requirements according to Provincial Health Regulations  including user hygiene and hand washing  procedures.

o   Liaising with Health and Food inspectors.

o   Developing and monitoring kitchen operation and maintenance by working with suppliers and administrative staff.

o   Maintaining equipment, assets  and supplies to safe standards.

o   Working with administrative staff to ensure appropriate records are kept of all certified users, forms and assets.

o   Developing assistants to fill in for, or take over from, the kitchen manager.

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