Job Description: Director of Music

Required Skill Set

-Strong leadership and organizational skills

-Demonstrated ability as an organist

-Strong interpersonal skills enhanced by good communication skills

-Demonstrated ability in liturgical music and in a variety of musical styles

-Demonstrated ability as a choral conductor - able to direct a 20+ member four part choir

Key Responsibilities

Working with the Rector and others involved in worship planning, the Director of Music is responsible for the development and implementation of the music ministry and worship. These expectations are encompassed within 3 categories:

Preparation and Participation

Further develop and expand the music ministry at St. Thomas’.

Assume primary responsibility for worship music selection while being open to input from others.

Prepare the worship music, teaching it to the choir and/or musicians at weekly choir practice or special practices as required.

Prepare and provide music for preludes, interludes and postludes for worship services.

Provide accompaniment and direction for congregational hymns and choral anthems at the weekly Sunday service and special services.

In cooperation with those responsible, provide music for weddings, funerals or other occasions.


Engage children and youth in music.

Participate in a weekly staff meeting and seasonal meetings for the purpose of planning worship services.

Develop and maintain a positive and strong working relationship with the parish, choir, office staff, Rector and others involved in worship planning.

Be a liaison with the broader musical community.


Develop an annual music budget.

Oversee the music library with the assistance of volunteers.

Purchase new music as needed within the music budget.

Arrange for and schedule the care and maintenance of the keyboards, piano and organ.

Complete other music ministry and related duties as approved and assigned by the Rector.

We invite the creative use of our facilities to enhance community life of St. Thomas’ and to provide additional opportunities for remuneration.