Hoyer Memorial Fund


The Hoyer memorial fund was originally established to assist those members of our parish in need of financial assistance to attend Camp Hyanto, which permanently closed at the end of the 2018 season.

Moving forward:

It is the family’s wish that these funds continue to be used for the benefit and spiritual development of younger members (in a Christian environment).

In order that the funds be available for this purpose for as long as possible, it will continue to be funded from interest earned while invested as well as by fund raising events designated for this purpose and/or through private donations. 


The existence of such financial assistance should be communicated to parishioners, those serving children and youth in the parish, such as the Family, Children & Youth Ministries Coordinator and appropriate partners within the community through normal public relations promotions and conversations.

All requests for funds must be initiated by use of the approved FUNDING REQUEST FORM available from the church office or from the St. Thomas’ website.

All requests will be reviewed by the treasurer, warden(s) and an additional party.


The confidentiality of individual camp or spiritual development applications, will be maintained by way of regular monthly financial reports to parish council showing disbursements only within the fund.



Hoyer Fund Application Form Downloadable Files Download