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We are a community that seeks to explore our faith, to examine the faith of others, and to understand and appreciate the world in which we live. In your journey, we offer you the growth through:
  • Lecture series and study groups
  • Children and youth education
  • Involvement in Third World connections
  • Informative speakers and instructive worship


St. Thomas' welcomes people of all ages and from all walks of life. Diversity creates the interesting fabric and mosaic of our identity. As we come together, our relationships with each other and God will grow, through:


  • Sharing together in music, gardening, and worship...
  • Social gatherings such as - pizza bingo, dances, concerts...
  • Children's summer camps
  • Youth movie nights
  • Coffee hour and breakfasts


We care deeply for the members of our church community, our neighbours both here and in other countries, and take seriously our responsibility to tend for God's planet, Earth. We do this through:


  • Involvement in international assistance
  • Support of community outreach projects
  • Sharing life events and festivals
  • Visiting people at home, hospital or nursing home
  • Prayer
  • Being environmentally responsible as a "green church"
  • Counselling, mentoring


We invite you to share the spiritual journey with us, experiencing God's love and desire for you. We will learn from and support each other along our different but parallel paths. Join us for:


  • Vibrant worship
  • Celebration and thanksgiving
  • Quiet reflection, meditation, and prayer
  • Discussion groups

Nursery and Sunday School Permission form Family and Children Download

Our Mission Statement 

We are, by the grace of God, a caring community, celebrating the Lordship of Jesus Christ, sent to share, through the power of the Holy Spirit, His love with others...

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Coming Events
Tuesday Jun. 6 - 2023
Tuesday Jun. 6 - 2023
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Sunday Jun. 11 - 2023
Sunday Jun. 11 - 2023
Sunday Jun. 11 - 2023