Dear Parishioners,

These are interesting and uncertain times for all of us as we work our way through this ever-changing COVID-19 situation.

At this time we know that you will join us in thanking Fr. Brad, Sandra and Shwetha for the additional work they are taking on. As always, many St. Thomas' volunteers have also stepped in to help.

By direction of the House of Bishops, (being advised by Public Health), the church office is not accessible at this time for in person contact. 

 The Memorial Gardens, and church grounds remain available for your quiet meditation and reflection, however we have been directed that the interior of the church building is closed due to their concerns regarding infection control.

 Though the building may be temporarily closed to us all, the church of Jesus Christ carries on. We are so grateful for your ongoing financial support. Donations could be mailed or dropped through the mail slot at the front door. Donations can also be made through Canada Helps using the "Donate Now" button on this website

The staff, wardens, and other volunteers are working out ways of keeping in touch with one another, and developing a plan to ensure that pastoral needs are being met. Rest assured that all concerns will be taken into account and dealt with as we continue to work through our church family’s needs.

We will be creating and forwarding links to you over the next period of time, to access videos which you may find helpful as we travel down this road.

Please stay safe, touch base with family and friends and keep all those affected by COVID-19, particularly our front line health care workers, in your prayers. 

Wardens of St. Thomas’- Barb, Ev, and John