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Return to in-person worship

Date:November 7, 2021
Worship   Worship

We wanted to send out a note to address the question of when we are hoping to be able to return to church in-person.  There has been much discussion and what parish council and the wardens have decided is that we are currently hoping for Thanksgiving weekend, October 10.  The reason we are waiting is that there is growing concern among many local medical authorities about the Delta variant spreading so widely, the increasing local numbers, and the return to school.  With school returning, and the current government protocols suggesting a 10 day isolation if someone becomes infected with  Covid, then waiting until Thanksgiving weekend gives some time for the impact of the return to school to show itself.  Our current plan is for weekly services, subject to anyone having attended who might develop symptoms and then get a positive test result, in which case we would likely cancel the following week’s in person gathering.  In the meantime, Brad, (the parish priest) is more than happy to visit outside.  We can not express our gratitude enough for your ongoing support, and the many volunteers continuing so many community ministries.  For example, our food outreach has fully quadruped in both frequency and output.  Just a little bit more, and we’ll get through this.  We can do it - just a little bit more.  Can’t wait to see everyone.

Watch this website and your email for further updates regarding pre-registration and Covid protocols.

Hello everyone,

On October 10th (Thanksgiving Sunday) we will be re-opening our church with 2 services - 8 am and 10:30 am. Due to COVID restrictions on spacing, I am asking parishioners to let me know, either by email or phone, if you wish to attend the services.

Masks must be worn, distancing of 2 metres and hand sanitizing are required. Unfortunately no congregational singing is allowed at this time (Diocesan guidelines).

Looking forward to our re-opening.