Return to in-person worship

Date:November 28, 2021
Worship   Worship

Please continue to observe social distancing while in the church and Parish Hall.                                     

We are delighted that you can be with us now that public worship has resumed.  Social distancing must be observed at all times, and face coverings worn in accordance with government requirements.  Bathrooms are available, but are limited to one person at a time, (children and those needing accompaniment by a care-giver exempted) and we are all personally responsible for sanitizing whatever surfaces we might touch in the bathroom.  Our services have been adapted out of necessity, as we are required to not exceed one hour in length.  There is no congregational singing, no processions, and you are asked to remain in your seat during the service, (unless needing the washroom) exiting the building afterwards, taking the weekly service bulletin and anything you may have brought with you.