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                Sixth Sunday after Epiphany - February 17, 2019

                         Commentary on Readings

                         Jeremiah 17:5-10

God, through the prophet Jeremiah, contrasts the fates of the ungodly

 and the godly. To ancient peoples, the heart was the centre of emotions, feelings, moods and passions. It also discerned good from evil and was

 the centre of decision-making. Conversion to God’s ways took place in the heart.

1 Corinthians 15:12-20

Paul continues his argument against those at Corinth who deny that Christians will be resurrected bodily. He has written of three basic doctrines he has received and passed on: Christ died, was buried, and

rose. He now confronts these people with a logical argument. He

 confronts them with the consequences of their denial and tells the

benefits of affirming resurrection.

Luke 6:17-26

Jesus has ascended a mountain to pray. While there, he has chosen

 twelve of his disciples to be apostles. Now he descends part-way, to

a “level place”. There he finds followers and many others, from Israel

and beyond. He tells who will be admitted to his Kingdom – and who

 will not.


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 Announcements – February 17- 24, 2019

  Meetings up and coming:

  1.The Church Office will be closed on Monday for Family Day

  2.  Christian Meditation – Mon. Feb. 18th     7 – 9 pm

  3.  Staff Meeting – Tues. Feb. 19th   9:30 am

  4. Stitchers & Knitters -  Tues. Feb. 19th    9 am - noon

  5. WARDENS’ MTG. - Tues. Feb. 19th  10 am

  6. Facility Remediation group ( Leak Group) – Tues. Feb. 19th  1pm

  7. Cherub & Jr. Choir – Tues. Feb. 19th    5:30 pm

  8. Regional Children’s Choir – Tues.  Jan. Feb. 19th   5:30 – 7:30 pm

  9. Wednesday EUCHARIST – February 20th    9:30 am

 10. Junior Choir – Wed. Feb.20th    4:00 – 5:30 pm

 11. Youth Chorale– Wed. Feb. 20th    5:30 – 7:15 pm

 12.  PWRDF  Mtg.– Thurs. Feb. 21st  10 am (at Win’s home)

 13. CFUW  Mtg -– Thurs.. Feb. 21st   7 pm 

 14. Junior Choir – Thurs. Feb. 21st    4:30 -6 pm

 15. Solfege class- Thurs. Feb. 21st    6:30– 7:15 pm

 16. St. Thomas’ Choir rehearsal- Thurs. Feb. 21st   7:30 - 9 pm

 17. Cooperative Kitchens – Fri. Feb. 22nd  all day

 18. Sound Board Training – Fri. Feb. 22nd  9:30 am

 19. Junior Choir – Fri. Feb. 22nd     6 – 7:30 pm

 20. Belleville Beavers   Fri.  Feb. 22nd     6  pm


 Coming events/ Activities

The Annual Vestry Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 24th after the 10 am service. There will be only one service that day at 10 am. Light refreshments will be served.

Thank you to Sandra Mouland who has made cushions for the pews at the back of the church. The fabric was donated from St. Paul’s Church so it was decided to use it in memory of the little church for our St. Paul’s parishioners as well as St. Thomas’.


A donation has been made from St. Thomas’ Church to the Lennox & Addington Palliative Care Unit in memory of Jeannie Oulton. The signed Condolence pages were sent to the Diocese to be given to the Bishop.


Wanted:  we are looking for an additional crucifer.  This would be a shared position and you would be crucifier every other month. If you are interested please contact either Fr. Brad or Heather Rutledge.



 Sharing & Caring in a Big Way

Once again we will be helping our students through the stressful exam time.

How can you help?...Over the next four weeks, beginning next Sunday February 17h, we are asking you to bring in food items & snacks that can be prepared with a kettle or microwave and are non-perishable.

Examples: cup of soups, noodles, specialty teas, coffees, cookies, crackers, popcorn, etc. you get the idea. We will also be looking for help in delivering these parcels…(exact schools are still being sorted out) but if you are going to Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston the week of March 18th or could you make a small monetary donation to help with delivery costs it would definitely be helpful.

Last year we sent parcels to 29 students, the highest total ever, so the need is great!!!

Do you have a student, grandchild… attending a college or university that we can send a parcel to?

Sign up sheets will be available beginning this Sunday.   Please sign them up!!

For additional information see the display in the Parish Centre or call Linda Matchim 613-966-6790 

Deadline for items , Sunday March 17th, 2019


WORLD DAY OF PRAYER - Friday, March 1, 2019

        (See flyer near office & at the end of this bulletin)

(Ecumenical movement of Christian women around the world)

Theme - “Come – Everything is Ready”

The country this year responsible for the WDP is Slovenia. We are invited to learn about Slovenia’s history and rich cultural diversity.

Host Church: Emmanuel United Church, Foxboro, ON

Contact: Cheryl Mound  cdmound@gmail.com



LENTEN BREAKFASTS- We are looking for volunteers to help prepare the breakfasts on Wednesday mornings during the season of Lent (beginning on Ash Wednesday March 6th ). The Eucharist service begins at 7:30 am with breakfast following. We will be accepting donations of jam & marmalade.

   If you can help, please contact the church office 613-962-3636 or sign the sheet on the wall by the kitchen door. Thank you.



February 20 is World Day of Social Justice

Social justice is defined, for the purpose of the observance, as including issues of poverty, unemployment, and unfair exclusion that results in economic harm or social ostracism. Promoting human rights, removing artificial social barriers based on race, gender, or religion, and standing up for the rights of migrants, the disabled, and the elderly are among the observance’s themes on any given year.



“Beloved Hymns of Charles Wesley” – Hymn sing fundraiser for Hay Bay Church - Sunday, February 24, 3 p.m. at Bridge Street United Church, 60 Bridge St. E., Belleville. Built in 1792, this historic church is the oldest Methodist Church in Canada, the original ancestor of all Methodist and United Churches in our area, and is in desperate need of some restoration work.  Although no longer an active church, it is the property of the United Church of Canada and is a popular historic site, open to tourists from mid-May to October and holding an annual service on the fourth Sunday in August.  We are calling on singers from our congregation and other neighbouring churches to help us lead this old fashioned hymn sing.  Come and raise your voice to your favourite hymns by Charles Wesley.  Admission by free-will offering for the Hay Bay Church Reconstruction Fund. Email music@bridgestchurch.com for more information.