St. Thomas Anglican Church - Bicentennial Cookbook

St. Thomas’ & St. Paul’s Bicentennial Cookbook

St. Thomas’ & St. Paul’s Bicentennial Cookbook

We are looking for your Family Favorite, Tried & True Recipes for a Bicentennial Cookbook. This would be a great tribute to share with family and friends; a recipe book with old-time favorites and new-found treasures! New Deadline: Sunday April 16.

There are four ways to submit recipes:

  1. Paper copies of the recipe submission form is available in hard copy at the Church office, on Sundays after the 10:30 service and on the website for you to print off.
  2. If you provide your email address, someone from the Working Committee will forward a PDF submission form that can be filled in on your computer and returned by email.
  3. Handwritten, typed or photocopied recipes can be submitted in any form and we will contact you if there are any questions.
  4. Recipes can also be posted directly to St. Thomas’s on-line account with Gateway-Rasmussen at Log in to "My Account". The User Name is "StThomasChurch" and the password is "Cookbook". Instructions are at the bottom right hand side of the page. Once you have read them, click on ‘Add Recipe’. Press ‘Submit Recipe’ when you are finished.

All recipes will be reviewed prior to the Cookbook being published.

For more information, please contact Gail Rollins (613-966-8394), Heather Fisher (613-962-3574), Linda Matchim (613-966-6790) and Anne Clark (613-242-6616).