Music at St Thomas'

Date:March 18, 2018
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A Cello Duo Concert

   VC² (Bryan Holt & Amahl Arulanandam) is an eclectic cello duo based in

   Toronto. They are going to give a concert at St. Thomas' Anglican Church on

   Sunday, March 18th, as part of “Music at St. Thomas’.” The programme is

   centered around pieces written by cellists, for cellists.  It will feature works

   by Bernhard Romberg (a life long colleague of Beethoven's), Friedrich August 

   Kummer, Julius Klengel, Jean-Baptiste Barrière, David Popper, and Luigi

   Boccherini. Come hear the many capabilities of the cello - times 2!


   The concert will start at 4:30 PM. A reception will follow during which light

    refreshments will be served.  

    Admission by donation