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On Saturday Feb 10, a workshop was held at Christ Anglican Church,  Belleville,  regarding the  reality of human trafficking. see calendar for more information



To celebrate the completion of the kitchen renovation a party was given to the kitchen on Saturday January 27th.  A true “Kitchen Party” with wonderful food, lots of fun, gifts for the kitchen and a fiddler to entertain.The party was a celebration and a thank you.

The kitchen is completed and ready for use by the parish and to help the food security needs in the community.

We thank all St. Thomas Parishioners for their donations of funds, time and skills. Your generosity has helped to transform our kitchen into a pleasant, efficient workspace that complies with health and safety regulations. Thank you also to the John and Bernice Parrott Foundation and the Bridge Street United Church Foundation for their financial support. 

You have all helped to make this possible!





At the beginning of the new year, there is an opportunity for children and adults to join St. Thomas’ Choral Academy.


Potential choristers must willing to be challenged, whatever their level is (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and must have the discipline required to practise every day even if for only a few minutes. Learning music is similar to learning a language, and requires daily practice in order to improve at a decent speed.


Potential choristers must meet with the directors of music before joining the Choral Academy. They are always pleased to receive enquiries from potential members of the Junior & Senior Choirs.


To book an appointment or for more information, please contact them by email or by phone at (613) 962-3636.




The remaining Cookbooks are available for sale at $15 each on Sundays after the 10:30 service or in the Church Office. 



 It is a year since most people took their education session to become a kitchen supervisor. You will recall that this training is a requirement for all individuals or groups that need to use the kitchen. Over the year there have been some changes. We now have a new style of automatic coffee maker. There is a change in the location of the power switch for the gas stoves and a separate manual backup system of pull stations to activate the automatic fire suppression system over the stoves has been installed.

A considerable number of new small appliances and cookware has been added and much reorganization has taken place. Drawers and cupboards have been relabeled so it is worth having a refresher.

The Kitchen Manual has been updated and can be found as a download in the Resource section of this website. This should be read periodically by all users to keep updated. Any questions should be directed to the church kitchen management team. This is important for insurance purposes.

Regular education sessions for those requiring supervisor training or those wishing an update will be held as needed. These will take place on the second Sunday of the month starting at 12 noon, shortly after the 10:30 service, and the second Friday of the month starting at 5:00 pm.

It only takes about half an hour, but it’s a vital part of our compliance with local health and safety regulations, now that we have been approved to cook and serve food to the general public.

Pre-registration is required. You can register for this training through the office by phoning 613 962-3636 or emailing



Following considerable discussion, the purpose, funding sources, project proposals and application process have been redefined.  click here to get all the details




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